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aNote - Hearing Aid

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The aNote is our most advanced digital RIC hearing aid. It is designed to provide support for severe to profound hearing loss, while maintaining a longer battery life, sleek design, and the option for Bluetooth. The aNote is equipped with the most advanced sound processing system, that coupled with auto-adaptive microphones, will provide you with the best support.

The aid acclimates well to your environment. Whether you're in a business meeting, having dinner, watching TV, listening to your podcast, or simply outdoors, you will never miss a sound. The aNote has four memory programs, in addition to volume control on the hearing aid; this will give you an extra boost when needed. 

The aNote's industry-leading performance, in combination with an elegant design, will deliver the hearing quality you need. Not only is it a reliable and dependable hearing aid, but it also has high tech integration capabilities via Bluetooth. You can seamlessly connect with your cellphone, computer, mp3 player, and TV.  

In short, it is our most powerful hearing aid yet. 


Note: Free Shipping & Free Battery Pack
  • - Directional microphones for speech focus
  • - 12 Channel digital sound technology
    - Four volume programs, with auto-adapt
    - Optional Bluetooth/wireless features
    - For mild to profound hearing loss
    - Highly discreet, adjustable fit
    - Advanced feedback and noise management
    - 12 months of manufacturer warranty
    - 45-day full money back guarantee

    Height: 1.1 inches
    Width: 0.50 inches
    Thickness: 0.25 inches
  • Instruction Manual 
  • Technical Sheet


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