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5 Activities to Improve Your Hearing
July 18, 2014


Worried about your hearing loss worsening? Not sure if you’re experiencing hearing loss? Here are five types of exercises you can do to help boost your hearing abilities!

Does Hearing Loss Run in your Family?
July 16, 2014


Is my hearing loss genetic? This blog covers different types of hearing loss and the people that are prone to them.

4 Ways to Protect Your Hearing Aids During Exercise
July 11, 2014


Don’t let your hearing loss hold you back from your daily routine. Read on for tips on how to protect and secure your hearing aid through your workouts!

How Loud is Too Loud? Sounds That Cause Hearing Loss
July 08, 2014


The word "decibel" gets used often when we speak about noise, but what does it really mean? Find out how loud everyday items really are and what sounds are safe for your ears. Prevent hearing loss with knowledge.