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aBlue - Hearing Aid

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The aBlue is a highly reviewed mini digital hearing aid capable of dealing with a vast number of listening environments, be it a conversation in a crowded restaurant, a walk in the park, watching TV,  a family function or a noisy street corner.

Multiple directional microphones, advanced sound processing software and active noise management combine to create optimal sound quality.

The aBlue's discreet aesthetic has won various design awards and makes it one of the smallest devices on the market - without compromising on comfort.

It also comes with optional Bluetooth features that allow you to connect wirelessly with other devices, such as your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or TV. 

In short, it is high-tech, control and comfort in one slick hearing device.


Note: Free Shipping & Free Battery Pack
    • - Directional microphones for speech focus
      - 12 Channel digital sound technology
      - Four volume programs, with auto-adapt
      - Optional Bluetooth/wireless features
      - For mild to severe hearing loss
      - Highly discreet, adjustable fit
      - Advanced feedback and noise management
      - 12 months of manufacturer warranty
      - 45-day full money back guarantee

      Height: 1.25 inches
      Width: 0.45 inches
      Thickness: 0.25 inches


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