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With our hearing aid subscription model, Audicus Premier, everything is included so you don’t have to worry. For as little as $99/month, you get a pair of our latest hearing aids, free upgrades, complimentary loss and damage insurance, dedicated support, and supplies. Cancel or buy-out at any time. No commitment.

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Advanced technology

Reliable technology with enhanced speech clarity and Bluetooth streaming – our products start at $699/ear.

Remote hearing care

Our dedicated team of Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists are here to provide ongoing on-demand support for as long as you have your hearing aids.

Convenient, easy process

Get fully-customized devices with no office visits needed. No waiting weeks for appointments or spending on costly club memberships.

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4.7 out of 5




This data comes from our 2023 customer satisfaction survey. Learn More

These data come from our 2023 customer satisfaction surveys based on the Client Oriented Scale of Improvement, or COSI, to measure hearing outcomes like those listed above. The COSI survey was administered to over 500 Audicus customers from January 2023 to help ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers and improving their hearing outcomes.

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series 2 grey centered

Ultimate Speech Clarity

Omni 2


Retail: $2995/ear

For active lifestyles. Excels even in the most noisy & challenging situations, plus all the latest features

black series 2 hearing aid center

Best Overall Value

Spirit 2


Retail: $2395/ear

For great all-around performance at home, work, worship, travel, outdoors and restaurants

Most Affordable

Wave 2


Retail: $1995/ear

For people with casual lifestyles that enjoy hosting friends at home and watching their favorite TV shows

audicus mini hearing aids against blue background

Discrete performance



Retail: $2295/ear

Invisible design combined with a high-performance, audiology-grade hearing aid

Hear better in 3 easy steps

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    Test your hearing

    Take our free online hearing test or submit your existing test. We use your test to custom-program your hearing aids.
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    Hearing aids delivered to you

    Pick your aids with support from our experts. Your new hearing aids are delivered to your doorsteps ready to use.
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    Access hearing care remotely

    Access our audiology team remotely for adjustments, tweaks, and fine tuning whenever you need. Enjoy free ongoing hearing care for as long as you have your hearing aids.

Discover why Audicus customers report a 94% satisfaction score.

I can finally stop reading lips – I can hear! It's difficult when you're a social person to not be in the conversation but with hearing aids, I don't miss a thing.

Jack S. - New York, NY

I have been a customer for years and it seems to only get better. Nice people and great care with incredibly updated tech.

Ann L. - Scottsdale, AZ

I felt good about the people, the company, and the fact that Audicus wants me to have a good experience.

Gene S. - Des Moines, IA

The service is unbeatable! These are my second pair of Audicus hearing aids and I couldn't go a day without them.

Sandy K. - New York, NY

Hearing care you can afford.

Technology you can rely on.

Aside from our everyday low prices, we’ve partnered with Care Credit and Allegro to offer convenient financing. Even with a less-than-perfect credit score, you can get the hearing aids you need today.

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