Welcome to the New Audicus

For the past two years, we’ve helped you hear and you’ve helped us listen. All of your valuable feedback has allowed for a new and improved Audicus site and user experience.
Let us tell you how…


A Brand New Audicus

Through careful consideration and testing, we’ve come up with a new look for Audicus that is vibrant and easily navigable. We have thoughtfully reorganized various sections of the site and we’ve added detailed information about how we work and the products we offer. We hope you enjoy our new look! We sure do.

Product Wizard

The Product Wizard is one of our favorite additions. The step-by-step process allows those in search of a hearing aid to determine which hearing aid would suit them best, based on the results of their hearing test. Those who have not yet had a hearing test can search for an audiology or ENT clinic with our new search tool. The Wizard directs both existing and potential customers toward the appropriate next move to make when it comes to getting a hearing aid. Try out our Product Wizard, here.

Same hearing aid styles, improved design and technology

In reinventing our brand, we found it crucial to reinvent our products, too. You’ll find three newly-named hearing aids, the Uno, Dia and Canto, which closely resemble our former devices, the aSamba, aBlue and aNote. The Uno is a brand new device, which has updates such as a vent for better sound quality and an auto-adapt feature so that it adapts to your environment.

We will continue to offer accessories for all of the devices in our former product line. Please visit the product page and the accessories section, where you’ll be able to locate the corresponding accessories for any previously featured Audicus products.

Take a peek:



Completely in Canal (CIC)

aSamba → Uno

The aSamba, our previous completely-in-canal (CIC) device, is most closely related to the Uno. The Uno, however, does boast some technological improvements: it has a vent to prevent any feeling of occlusion and provide better sound quality. It also features an improved sound processor and an auto-adapt feature so it can adapt to any listening environment.


Behind the Ear (BTE)

aBlue → Dia

The aBlue has been rebranded as the Dia. All features remain the same. You can still find all of our great accessories for the aBlue here, on our accessories page.

Related product:


The aSwing was offered as our original behind the ear (BTE) device, and was later succeeded by the aBlue. The closest model now offered is the Dia. All accessories, such as tubes, domes, batteries, and cleaning supplies, can be found, here on our Accessories page.



Receiver in Canal (RIC)

aNote → Canto

The Canto is most closely related to the aNote, since they both have receiver-in-canal (RIC) technology. As in the past, the Canto, being a RIC, will boast our highest, most advanced technology, with the greatest strength and best sound quality.

Related product: aPearl


The aPearl was our smallest BTE device, featuring a receiver-in-canal. Though we are no longer offering the aPearl, the accessories – wax guards, cleaning supplies, and domes – can be found here on our Accessories page. The aPearl has improved and evolved into the Canto, our most powerful model, a RIC with optimal sound quality.




The aGo, aJive, and aLive amplifiers are no longer being offered for sale. However, we will continue to offer accessories and support for these items. You can access the accessories for each of these products, and continue to replenish your supplies of sleeves, domes, and batteries for these amplifiers.



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