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asymmetrical audiogram

What to send us

If you’ve already been to the Audiologist then you might have a copy of your Audiogram (your hearing test). It basically acts as a prescription for your ears. It looks like this:

Why it helps us

Our experts use your existing hearing test to recommend the best hearing aid for your needs.

How we’ll use it

If you decide you’d like hearing aids, our technicians will use your hearing test data to customize the programming. We store all of your information in a private, HIPPA compliant way so your test is safe and anonymous.*

Or, fax to (844) 939-2662

Or, email us your test at

A hearing specialist will contact you in the next hour.

5 different ways to send us your existing hearing test

You Audiologist may have already given you a copy of your hearing test. If not, you have a legal right to this document as it is your medical information so feel free to ask them to send it to you.

  1. If you have a digital copy on your computer, you can upload using the link below.
  2. If you were given a paper copy you can scan it, then upload.
  3. Or, if it’s easier, you can take a clear picture on your phone and upload that.

Upload Audiogram

  1. You can always email us your test at
  2. Or, fax it to us, along with your name and telephone number to 888-498-5366

For more info check out the Audicus privacy policy.

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