Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth remotes, transmitters, and docks are available for use with Audicus hearing aids with Bluetooth functionality. 

A Bluetooth Remote allows you to stream sounds from your television, stereo, smartphone, computer, tablet, and more. You can also control volume and program settings on your hearing aid through the Bluetooth Remote. A standard Bluetooth Remote package includes:

1x Bluetooth Remote

1x Bluetooth Dock (for charging remote and connecting non-Bluetooth Devices)

2x Charging Adapters

Bluetooth Dock available for purchase as replacement; one Bluetooth dock is enclosed with each Bluetooth Remote order. 

Note: Bluetooth functionality is only available with the Oro hearing aid with Enhanced Clarity. Enhanced Clarity cannot be added to a hearing aid after the 45-day trial period expires. Pairing with a Bluetooth controller requires that your hearing aid(s) are in the office to be paired in our system as one unit. If you purchase the Bluetooth controller after you have received your hearing aids, you will need to send back your hearing aids to Audicus for pairing. All remotes come with a 30 day manufacturer's warranty.

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