Get $600 off Omni Series 1 & 2 hearing aids with code CM23

If you are within the 45 Day Trial Period and decide to purchase your hearing aids in full, Audicus will terminate your Audicus Plus plan and you will receive a full refund for any payments made during your Trial Period. If it is after the 45 days, Audicus Plus members can buy-out their hearing aids by paying the remainder of the retail price as well as a $499 buy-out fee.

To cancel your Membership, contact our support team who will give you instructions to return. Once Audicus has received the devices and the $499 cancellation payment has been made, all future payments will stop. Reach out to customer support via chat, phone (855-971-0451) or email ([email protected]) for more info. If you do not return the devices, you must pay an additional $250 per device upon your cancellation.