04/21/2015 via Funky, fashionable hearing aids prove style has no age limit

Audicus, who dub themselves the "Warby Parker of hearing aids" for cutting costs on an often-used item, collaborated with Cohen to create a collection of four hearing aids with removable adhesives in bright patterns like leopard print, black-and-white polka dots and silver hologram.

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04/17/2015 via The 'Advanced Style' Documentary Inspired This Chic Hearing Aid

Their timeless style has gone so far as to inspire a limited-edition hearing aid in four different patterns: Leopard, Pink Sparkle, Polka Dot, and Hologram...

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04/16/2015 via Ari Seth Cohen & Advanced Style Give Audicus Hearing Aids A Whole New Look

Audicus is described as the ”Warby Parker of hearing aids” and their company’s motto is “Live Loudly,” so it makes sense the brand would want to pair up with some hip, forward-thinking older women to customize and model their tech.

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04/16/2015 via 'Warby Parker of Hearing Aids' Smartly Teams Up With Advanced Style

...Cohen's mission has manifested in his first collaboration on an actual product: hearing aids for Audicus, an online retailer that positions itself as the "Warby Parker of hearing aids."

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New York Times Style

04/15/2015 via Fashion & Style: Scouting Report

The street-style blog Advanced Style, the photographer Ari Seth Cohen’s ode to voguish ladies of a certain age, has teamed up on an Advanced Style x Audicus limited edition of leopard print and sparkly hearing aids ($699).

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04/15/2015 via Elder Chic Now Includes Hearing Aids

And now hearing aids are finally getting some attention. One of the major online hearing aid retailers,, has partnered with Advanced Style to offer stylish new hearing aids for women in a variety of designs, including sparkles, polka dots and leopard prints, which are interchangeable with adhesive stickers.

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04/13/2015 via Why This Tiny Device Is A Huge Win For Personal Style

This product launch shows there are brands recognizing that women in their 70s, 80s, and beyond deserve to be treated like the fashion-conscious consumers they are.

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03/20/2015 via Do-it-yourself healthcare is closer than you think

Instead, Audicus is using the Internet to enable a simpler process, with better price transparency, to hearing aid patients.

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02/09/2015 via Audicus Cuts Out The Middleman And Sells Affordable Hearing Aids Directly To People In Need

Audicus launched in June 2012, and so far has saved consumers more than $12 million.

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ehealth radio

01/20/2015 via Audicus, saving people millions of dollars on hearing aids

Patrick Freuler, CEO of Audicus started Audicus two years ago and has since saved people over $10 million on hearing aids.

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