Audicus is proud to add a new hearing aid to a product line already boasting devices with incredible user friendliness, attractive designs, and crystal-clear sound. The latest Audicus hearing aid, the Oro, is a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a receiver-in-canal (RIC). Read on to find out more:

Hearing Aid Improvements

We developed the Oro with the knowledge that the hearing aid market has evolved at an exciting pace these past few years. With the rise of wearables and the subsequent introduction of ‘hearables,’ there is certainly a wider range of assistive hearing products than ever before. Our new Oro is a shining example of some of the greatest sound filtration in modern hearing aid technology. The Oro behind-the-ear hearing aid uses an advanced speech detection algorithm. This new-to-market technology helps to distinguish between conversation noise and background noise, providing the user with astonishing mimicry to true hearing.

Friendly for the User, Easy on the Eyes

The Oro is the successor to our popular Canto RIC device. We were careful to improve upon a few areas, combining the most beloved aspects of the Canto with increased user friendliness and ease to produce the Oro.

The Canto’s auto-adapt feature– the ability to adjust to auditory environmental stimuli– has been refined and applied to the Oro’s sound capabilities. The Oro is our easiest-to-use RIC ever, with just one program, a contrast to the Canto’s four. While this decrease in number of programs may initially seem inflexible, it actually allows for a greater range of processing capability. The Oro’s singular program is so dynamic that its auto-adapt functionality truly only requires this one program. Additionally, this means that the Oro has just one button, rather than two.

Users can still control for volume with the single button on the Oro; volume will cycle through from low to high so that users can add in a touch of personal preference as well.

A new feature that we’re thrilled to offer on the Oro is the tinnitus-masking element. Tinnitus, a ringing in the ears, can be aggravated by hearing loss. The two conditions combined can be debilitating and frustrating. Luckily, the Oro has tinnitus-masking technology that can remedy this condition while treating hearing loss simultaneously.

As always, Audicus places a great deal of value on appearance. The Oro is no different. Sleek as ever, smaller than a quarter, and virtually hidden from the naked eye, the Oro’s modern look reflects its ahead of the curve technology.

Don’t Forget- Bluetooth!

The Oro is equipped with optional Bluetooth capability. By far the most refined Bluetooth system we have ever offered, the Oro with Bluetooth has a wider range of connectivity to hear consistently clearer sound. Using your Bluetooth-capable smartphones, TVs, or tablets with hearing aids has never been so simple– or so stylish.

Curious? Check it out.

Remember, all Audicus products come with a 45-day trial period and a money-back guarantee. If you have a hearing test, send it to us at You can call, email, or chat us, too, and we can direct you where to get a hearing test, or guide you through the purchasing process. Email us at, or call us at (888) 979-6918.



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