Audicus Hearing Aids Instructional Videos

Solo Personal Sound Amplifier

Watch it here.

The Solo Personal Sound Amplifier is a smart hearing amplifier with a sleek design.

The Audicus customer support team is committed to ensuring its hearing device users have the best possible experience. These instructional videos provide additional visual support, giving customers the opportunity to see the products in action, from receiving the device, to cleaning and changing its parts.

Using the Audicus Tuner

This video will show you how to use the Audicus Tuner App with noise-cancelling earmuffs and headphones. The Tuner is designed for optional pairing with the Solo for a more customized amplifier experience. Watch the video to see the basics.

Setting Up Your Solo

Setting up your Audicus Solo is easy. Here, we show you how to place the battery inside the device and place the device on your ear.

Changing the Programs

This video explains how to change the pre-set volume programs on the Solo.

Changing the Parts

You'll need to change the parts (like domes and batteries) on your Solo from time to time. Watch how, here.

Cleaning Your Solo

It is imperative to clean your amplifier every day that you use it. We'll show you how to clean the body of the device, as well as the domes.