Audicus Hearing Aids Instructional Videos

Dia Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

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Audicus' best-selling Dia Behind-the-Ear hearing aid provides excellent sound quality, in addition to optimal comfort and discreetness.

The Audicus customer support team is committed to ensuring its hearing aid users have the best possible experience. These instructional videos provide additional visual support, giving customers the opportunity to see the products in action, from receiving the device, to cleaning and changing its parts.

The Basics: Dia

This video will show you what to expect upon receiving your Dia BTE hearing aid.

Setting Up Your Dia

The video shows you how to manage the basic features of the Dia, from equipping the device with a battery, to placing it over and in your ear.

Memory Programs on Your Dia

This video will explain how to alternate between different listening programs on the Dia, enabling you to choose the best option for every listening environment.

Changing the Parts on Your Dia

The parts to your Dia BTE Hearing Aid will need to be swapped out every now and then. In this video, we'll explain how to change batteries, domes and tubes.

Cleaning Your Dia Hearing Aid

What's the best way to ensure your hearing air is working at its very best? Keep it clean! Eli will show you how to clean various parts of the Dia, as well as provide you with tips on how often to clean.

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