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Dia II Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

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The Dia II is our latest behind-the-ear hearing aid with open fit.

The Dia II BTE Hearing Aid features an open tube for amplification that is clear and remarkably natural-sounding. Our team is excited about being able to provide you with support for our Dia II. Watch the videos below to learn the ins-and-outs of your Dia II.

The Basics of Your Dia II Hearing Aid

This video will show you the basics of your Dia II BTE hearing aid and what to expect upon receiving your device. Please note, the “program push button” may also be referred to as the “volume button.”

Setting Up Your Dia II Hearing Aid

Your Dia II is easy to use. This video shows you the basic features of your Dia II, as well as how to put a battery in the device, and how to place it securely on your ear. When inserting the battery, pay careful attention that you do not twist, squeeze, or manipulate the outside of the hearing aid, as this could alter the shape of the device and prevent you from being able to shut the battery door.

Changing the Volume on the Dia II

Your Dia II comes with a universal adaptive program that adjusts to your environment. You can change the volume on your Dia II, as seen in this video. For additional programs or volume settings on your Dia II, refer to your instruction manual.

Changing the Parts on Your Dia II

It’s important to change the parts on your Dia II every couple of months. Change batteries, domes, and tubes as seen in this video. Change batteries as needed, and changes tubes and domes every 2-4 months as they wear out.

Cleaning Your Dia II

Watch this video to learn how to clean your Dia II hearing aid, as well as its domes and tubes. Cleaning is crucial is keep your hearing aid working well! Clean your hearing aid as often as daily, and be sure to replace the domes and tubes every 2-4 months as they wear out.

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