Audicus Hearing Aids Instructional Videos

Canto Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aid

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The Canto Receiver-in-Canal hearing aid is our most powerful device.

The Audicus customer support team is committed to ensuring its hearing aid users have the best possible experience. These instructional videos provide additional visual support, giving customers the opportunity to see the products in action, from receiving the device, to cleaning and changing its parts.

The Basics: Canto

Let us show you the basics of your Audicus Canto RIC Hearing Aid - equipped with receiver-in-canal technology for optimal sound quality.

Setting Up Your Canto

The sleek, easy to use Canto is quite easy to set-up. Here, we'll show you the basic steps of inserting a battery and placing the device on your ear.

Changing Volume and Memory Programs

The Canto RIC device is equipped with advanced listening programs to adapt to your surroundings; this video explains how to adjust for volume and memory programs.

Changing the Parts on Your Canto

The Canto's domes and batteries should be changed frequently - here, we'll display how and when to change these parts and keep your hearing aid working optimally.

Cleaning Your Canto Hearing Aid

Regular maintenance of you Canto hearing aid is key! Follow these simple steps for cleaning domes and receivers and changing your wax guard - your hearing aid will thank you.

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