Audicus Hearing Aids Instructional Videos

Alto Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aid

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The Alto Receiver-in-Canal hearing aid is our most advanced offering yet.

The Audicus customer support team is committed to ensuring its hearing aid users have the best possible experience. These instructional videos provide additional visual support, giving customers the opportunity to see the products in action, from receiving the device, to cleaning and changing its parts.

The Basics: Alto

The Alto is our most advanced device yet. In this video, we'll show you the ins and outs of operating your Alto.

Setting up your Alto

The video shows you how to manage the basic features of the Alto, from equipping the device with a battery, to placing it over and in your ear.

Changing Volume

Changing the volume on the Alto will differ if you have one Alto hearing aid versus a pair. This video makes it easy to understand how to operate the volume on your Alto.

Changing the Parts

Be sure to swap out the domes and earwax guards on your Alto. Do this every 2-3 months as these pieces undergo standard wear-and-tear.

Cleaning Your Alto

It is simple to keep your Alto clean. Here, we'll show you a few tips and tricks for cleaning your hearing aid.

What You'll Receive with the Bluetooth for Alto

Your Audicus Alto with Bluetooth will come with several items that can be used to connect your hearing aids via Bluetooth to a whole host of items. See the basics here.

Getting Started with Bluetooth

This video will show you the basic components of your Bluetooth Remote and Bluetooth Dock and how to use them.

Programs on the Bluetooth Remote for Alto

The Alto with Bluetooth has a few pre-set programs. Watch here and we'll guide you through these settings.

Bluetooth Pairing and Uses for Alto

The Bluetooth pairing process for the Alto allows you to use your hearing aid in a whole new way. Simply watch here for the detailed instructions.