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The best technology and premium service for one low monthly payment.

Introducing Audicus Plus: the easiest way to experience the best Audicus has to offer. As an Audicus Plus member, you get a pair of premium technology hearing aids with a free upgrade to a new model every 18 months. Plus, enjoy front-of-the-line access to our team of Hearing Specialists with a dedicated Audicus Plus phone line. You’ll also receive free cleanings and supplies, comprehensive loss and damage insurance, and the option to buy outright at any time.  

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Premium Hearing Aids

Choose from our most popular models of hearing aids.

Audicus Refresh with the Membership program

Free 18 Month Upgrade

Upgrade to a new model every 18 months for free.

Unlimited support with the Membership

Dedicated Support

Unlimited front-of-the-line access to our Hearing Specialists whenever you need.

Care with the Audicus Membership

Supplies Delivered to Your Door

All the supplies you could ever need, delivered to your door.

Audicus protect with the Membership

Loss and Damage Insurance

Comprehensive insurance in case of loss or damage.

Audicus Plus vs buying up front - what is the best option for you?

Become a Member Buy Upfront
Award-winning hearing aids Lease or buy-out anytime Yours to own forever
Cost per pair $89/month* $99/mo* $1,398* $1,898*
Risk-free trial period 45 days 45 days
Unlimited service Always included Always included
Warranty Unlimited 2 years
Cleaning Unlimited $50 per cleaning $ $
Insurance Loss & damage protection included Additional $198/pair $ $
Regular delivery of supplies Care Included Additional $12/mo $ $
Hearing aid replacement Every 18 mos Not available X X
$ Optional Additional Cost
X Not Included
* Starting From

Why join Audicus Plus?

Why get an Audicus Membership 1

Upgrade every 18 months.

Experience the latest technology with a free upgrade to a new model every 18 months.

Clinician holds hearing aids in the Audicus hearing clinic

Dedicated Support.

Audicus Plus members have a dedicated phone line to receive front-of-the-line service whenever they need it.

Why get an Audicus Membership 3

Award-winning technology.

Get award-winning technology without breaking the bank. Our low monthly payments help make the latest technology even more affordable.

Pick the device that works for you.

Audicus Plus is open to all residents of the United States of America. A one-time start-up fee will be charged followed by monthly payments for the duration of your Plus Membership.

One Silver Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aid - The Spirit

The Wave

Start-up fee $299 then
$89/mo per pair
One Silver Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aid - The Spirit

The Spirit

Start-up fee $399 then
$129/mo per pair
One Silver Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aid - The Spirit New

The Omni

Start-up fee $499 then
$159/mo per pair

The Mini

Start-up fee $299 then
$109/mo per pair

Included with every hearing aid.

We pride ourselves on offering a whole ecosystem of support resources and handy perks to help you feel heard and confident as you reconnect to the world of sound.

2-year warranty

Quick Start Kit

Free US shipping

45-day trial

Unlimited expert support


Learn more about Audicus Plus and get your questions answered.

Audicus Plus gives you access to high-quality hearing aids at a low monthly fee, including: - Quarterly Care Accessory packages - Repairs, Cleanings, and Reprogrammings covered - $250/ear Loss Replacement - Exchange for new hearing aids every 18 months

Audicus Plus customers are on an 18-month contract. After that, customers can either renew or cancel their Membership by sending back their hearing aids.

Audicus Plus will automatically be charged monthly to your credit or debit card. There is a one-time set-up fee (dependent on hearing aid model selected) charged on the date of sign-up in addition to your first month’s payment.

To cancel your Membership, contact our support team who will give you instructions to return. Once Audicus has received the devices and the $499 cancellation payment has been made, all future payments will stop. Reach out to customer support via chat, phone (855-971-0451) or email ([email protected]) for more info. If you do not return the devices, you must pay an additional $250 per device upon your cancellation.

If you are within the 45 Day Trial Period and decide to purchase your hearing aids in full, Audicus will terminate your Audicus Plus plan and you will receive a full refund for any payments made during your Trial Period. If it is after the 45 days, Audicus Plus members can buy-out their hearing aids by paying the remainder of the retail price as well as a $499 buy-out fee.

After 18 months, you can sign a new contract and upgrade to a more advanced model free of charge. You will not be charged another startup fee.

Your devices ship with all the accessories needed for 3 months of operation. Audicus Plus includes Audicus Care, which automatically ships accessories to your door every 3 months and includes the following: 4 × domes 4 × earwax guards 2 × retention guards 4 × cleaning wipes 1 × cleaning brush 1 × desiccant puck If you need any accessories in between shipments, just contact us. Any additional accessories such as a Classic or Bluetooth Remote must be purchased separately.

With Audicus Plus, your hearing aids are fully covered for any accidental damage or wear-and-tear, without additional cost to you. Please contact Audicus and let us know, we’ll be happy to help. Minor repairs can be done in our office. More extensive repairs may require shipment to the manufacturer in the US.

Should you lose a hearing aid, as a member of Audicus Plus, you have loss protection. Please contact us and let us know, we’ll be happy to help. As an Audicus Member, a lost hearing device can be replaced for a one-time fee of $250/device.

Financing is not available for Audicus Plus. If you're interested in financing, we have other options. Find out about our financing and payment plan options here.

Many insurance companies will not recognize a monthly payment as worthy of reimbursement. Check with your insurance provider to verify coverage.

We do not offer discounts on Audicus Plus.

At this time Audicus Plus is only available to residents of the United States of America. A valid credit or debit card with more than 6 months before expiry must be used to enroll in the program.