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Got Ear? Online Hearing Aids Photo Campaign, Share it!

(Updated August 10, 2011)

What’s the goal behind our online hearing aids Got Ear?! photo campaign? Well, our sound-infused world reminds us on a rolling basis of how important and fascinating it is to be able to hear. But there are myriad other reminders – visual clues, that is – that make us feel thankful for our ears.

Armed with a camera and a bit of wit, we ventured into the streets of New York City and didn’t have to walk more than one block to be bombarded with ear-shaped objects of all kinds… that’s how Audicus Online Hearing Aids’ Ear Appreciation Campaign was born! We hope you fellow ear-enthusiasts can help us make this gallery grow and grow and grow and raise awareness about hearing loss. Here’s how:

Participate in our Online Hearing Aids Ear Appreciation Campaign!

Do you stumble upon “eary” objects every now and then that remind you of our wonderful partner(s) in crime in our daily quest to process sounds, music, gossip, laughter, shouts and murmurs,… ? Then snatch your camera, take that one pic (or two or three…) that will get you featured on Audicus! Send it to [email protected] or simply share it with the world by posting it on our Facebook Wall (of fame)!

Got Ear? See Ear? Share it!


Audicus Online Hearing Aids Update: August 10th, 2011

We’ve been tremendously busy with the launch of our online hearing aid platform these last few weeks, but luckily the world doesn’t lack “eary” shapes…here are our favorite 5 pics of the week:


The Ear Shirt


The Eary Shadow


The Ear Plant Hook


The Eary Time Piece


The Ear Lock


Audicus Online Hearing Aids Update: July 8th, 2011

This week we’ve had some excellent additions to our campaign! Many thanks to (e (check out (e’s great blog here: Eh? What? Huh?) and Larry Herbert from Art In Place.



Eary Fridge Magnet – thanks to (e for that


The ear sculpture – thanks to Larry Herbert for that


Eary Iron Chair – another one from (e, many thanks!


Shiny mosaic ear


Neon ear


Audicus Online Hearing Aids Update: June 23rd, 2011

To kickstart it, we will be posting 5 “eary” pictures per week, starting with the following “out-of-the-box” shots:


Feeling tired? Have a seat on one of our ear-shaped office chairs!

online-hearing-aids-audicusGiant Ear. Extra points if you can tell us where this shot was taken!
online-hearing-aids-audicusEar-shaped street art in NY’s East Villageonline-hearing-aids-audicus

Curious Pictures, Curious Ears?


How many things did this park bench hear in its long life?


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Source: Audicus

by Patrick Freuler