This summer, Audicus CEO and founder Patrick Freuler shared his inspiration for the disruptive health startup. From Crain’s New York Business to Clearcut with Michelle Makori, here’s a roundup of the latest Audicus news.

Audicus in the news: making hearing accessible

“This NYC Startup Makes Hearing Aids Accessible for Everyone”


AlleyWatch spoke with Audicus founder and CEO Patrick Freuler, where they discussed how our hearing aids and Online Hearing Test make hearing more accessible for people all over the country.
In June, Freuler shared the inspiration at the heart of Audicus with AlleyWatch. He worked as a consultant and an investor in big companies like Bain Capital, where he learned just how costly and difficult it is to get hearing aids. He states that he started Audicus “on the simple principle that getting a high-quality hearing aid should be easy, accessible, and affordable.” By selling direct to customers online, Audicus cuts thousands in markups. The Online Hearing Test is making it possible for those without insurance, mobility, or access to a doctor to get a custom hearing aid from home.

“Online hearing test makes a loud and clear disruption”

Crain’s New York Business News, Caroline Lewis

In June, Audicus was also featured in Crain’s New York Business Health Pulse. Caroline Lewis spent time getting to know the health-tech startup to report on our the cost-saving business model. Freuler spoke with Lewis, explaining that hearing aids can be manufactured for as little as $100 but are sold for 20 times that amount. Upon learning this, Freuler imagined that cutting out the middlemen and audiologist brick and mortar overhead would greatly reduce costs.
Now, Audicus offers top-of-the-line products starting at $599. The piece also highlights the Online Hearing Test and notes that it provides users a more private way to learn about their hearing loss. This is important as hearing loss holds an incredible stigma and under 20% of Americans with hearing loss actually get hearing aids.

“Meet Audicus, the DTC startup making healthcare more accessible”

Built-in New York, Liz Warren

In his July interview with Built-in NYC, Freuler explains that the Online Hearing Test was developed with a neuroscience engineer and took two years to perfect. This article compares Audicus to other direct-to-consumer companies that are disrupting the traditional healthcare market like Smile Direct Club and Simple Contacts.

“Startup Disrupts Pricey Hearing Aid Market”

Clearcut with Michelle Makori

Most recently, Patrick Freuler appeared on Clearcut with Michelle Makori.


By: Elena McPhillips

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