Hearing Aid Prices

Compare hearing aid prices at Audicus. Our hearing aids are technological powerhouses and are directly comparable to Phonak, Oticon or Starkey products. The only difference? The prices of hearing aids you see on Audicus are up to 70% lower. We vaporize traditional hearing aids costs simply by operating a direct and transparent online model without large overhead costs. As a result we can pass these savings directly on to you. See how it works or compare the hearing aids price list below.

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Audicus Hearing Aid Prices
The hearing aid price comparison shows how Audicus manages to address a broad range of hearing needs and lifestyles. Our hearing aids contain advanced digital hearing technology and are far more discreet than other pricier hearing aids on the market.
Audicus hearing aids are designed and produced in the US and Europe and come with a 45-day money back guarantee.
Learn more about our products and compare hearing aid prices below.

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